When Time is Not on Your Side

This Shabbat preparation was going to be easy peasy for me because I was invited for both Friday night dinner and Saturday lunch until ... I heard a panicked knock on my door.  My flustered friend rushed over to my home to share the all but enthralling news that she had to cancel lunch due to another engagement she thought was for Friday night.  And, asked if I could host her guest.  "Of course" I responded without even thinking about what that would entail.  

Well if I am taking one guest, I might as well invite a few more!  

And so, here goes the off the cuff shabbat menu for five guests!  

Shabbat lunch turned out so well. It was so last minute, I had to get super creative! There was no time to shop or plan a menu!

So, we started with a watermelon salad soaked in a combo of Rose water, maple syrup and lemon juice and fresh mint as garnish - sinfully delicious.

Then we had fresh spelt challah with a white truffle olive oil, followed by...

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Why Not Begin Today?

My  friend Kim is a great cook.  I decided to join her and begin to eat different.  I have been enjoying the fabulous Shabbat dinners that she prepares every week.  The dinners are full of fantastic food, all kind of foods, creamy soups with nuts and fruits, and always a salad with different colors and textures and dressings, as well as meats, fish, and of course the bread and wine.

We began to follow Dr. Furhman's Nutritatrian Lifestyle almost 3 months ago.  To tell you truth, It was difficult! We tried to keep some our favorites dishes and accommodate some of the changes, but that did not go well (understatement).

So, I had a serious conversation with my self and concluded that I am too heavy for my size!  So I better get my act together--all this cheating was not helping!  And in addition, my back was hurting.  I had to do something, I was desperate!

Since, I had been enjoying the vegan dishes that Kim prepares for...

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Why Low-Carb Bread Should Be A Staple

The saying "Bread is life" is as true as it gets - as long as its not processed and enjoyed with a Mediterranean diet.  

However, when joined with the typical American diet, it's not life it's inflammatory.  And that leads to quick weight gain, joint aches and a plethora of other acute or chronic ailments in the body.  

The problem is though Bread is a household staple! 

For Asians it's rice, For Mexican's its tortillas, but for American's it's bread -- and that holds true for Europeans as well!  And going off bread completely isn't the best solution.  Why?  because when you deny yourself of the foods you love best, you tend to overcompensate and binge on them when they present themselves at special dinners or events.  And before you know it, you are gaining weight and suffering with auto-immune issues.  

So, the question is how can we have our bread and eat it too!

First, find a low carb gluten free or sprouted bread that you like...

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Why I made this salad!

brain healthy living salad Apr 21, 2021
Today, I want to share a little about my journey to heal my brain. 
On November 30, 2020 I suffered what appears to be an aneurism in the back of my head, most likely caused by a weakening of an artery due to a previous head injury.  Personally, I think it was cause by the high-trans fat chocolate cake I was over-indulging upon :-) !  
For one month, I was unable to do much due to severe headaches in the back part of my head. Then, one night, I felt the touch of fingers (angelic fingers I believe) on the back of my head where the injury was and the next day I awoke without pain!  Thank you HaShem!   
Subsequently, I would have intermittent bouts of pressure & light pain but felt that my head was in a "healing process."  However, I consistently noticed that if pain did occur it was usually connected to eating one of three things: gluten, sugar, or high fat.   
To put this in perspective.  The...
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Do You Have Heart Disease?

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2019

Heart Disease is one scary dude.  Why?  Because it's super silent.  

It's really caused by plaque build-up and vascular constriction in the body's vessels.  

Signs that there is stress on the heart are often overlooked.  They include shortness of breath, digestive problems, and usually left shoulder and arm pain.  

The other day I woke up with my left shoulder aching.  At first, I thought I slept on it wrong and then when it didn't go away I got a little nervous.  So I started checking into heart attack symptoms.  Well, it did resolve itself with some prayer and TLC after a couple of days, but the psychological impact was huge.  

As you most like know, I am a pretty good eater.  Never processed foods, almost always home-made and lots of veggies and some fruits.  The problem is that I do struggle with high cholesterol and I think its because I eat a lot of high-fat foods!  For the most part their healthy high-fat foods,...

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What's In Your Celery?

regeneratemenow Feb 27, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Right now I am juicing celery juice every morning (well for the last 3 days). it is so nasty tasting I have to take a sip of Rooibos tea after every few sips. Well, I always say, "if it's nasty tasting find something else" - with this exception "Celery Juice!" When you deep dive into this little plant that, has always been our "go-to diet hors d'oeuvre" with peanut butter, cream cheese, dates, and (if you remember) the Kraft Easy Cheese that added that "fancy look to your Celery," - you are blown away at its health benefits! Yep, celery as our "diet go-to" is now obsolete. What now? It's becoming our "life-style go-to" Check out the video below!

If you're looking for a proven weight loss/gut healing lifestyle then check out www.regeneratemenow.com



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How The RMN Blog Works!

blog how to search works Aug 10, 2018

This title may seem like a "no brainer."  You might be thinking, "I know how a blog works" -- and you most probably do! However, your neighbor may not, so we want to make sure that instructions are here, just in case. 

Blogs are online information outlets.

 It's like going to a clothing or electrical outlet looking for that specific something, only to find you are inundated with a whole lot of things. For the most part, everything you see at the outlet store is associated with the outlet category - nevertheless, you have to search for that "thing" you went there for.  

So, like a Retail Outlet Store, the RegenerateMeNow blog is an online information outlet.  An outlet of information that pertains to your health, nutritional challenges, weight loss, and nutraceuticals (don't worry, I'll do a blog on "what nutraceuticals are.") 

Now, the key to navigating this online information outlet is by searching the topic(s) you are interested in.  


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Welcome To A Blog "About You!"

Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Someone writing about you who has never met you?  Strange as that may seem, the truth is, we've probably met.  Maybe not in person, but in commonality.  By that I mean, you and I, have more than likely struggled through similar tests, trials, thoughts, successes, failure, ups, downs, and most importantly "perceptions."  

If you and I have anything in common, we've met each other coming and going!  And there is no one I hate to discuss or talk about more than "me."  So, let's talk about you! 

If you are on this blog, it's probably because you have a problem you need solved or a friend by your side.  You're hopefully looking for someone or a connection that resonates and understands you.  

And, if I understand one thing in life, it's that "like begets like."  We may look different, speak different languages, and have our own unique styles, however, there is that "like connection" that makes us...

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