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What Is RegenerateMeNow? 

A transformative method to heal your gut, help you reach your optimum weight, and set you on a lifelong path of exceptional health! 

Transformation That LASTS! 

Remember the old adage, "If at first you don't succeed try, try again?"  If you have tried diet after diet, it's time to try again!  Our RegenerateMeNow Method is not a diet, its a transformation in the way we understand and relate to food and health! 


Often guests who stay at my home in Jerusalem arrive with a plethora of chronic ailments such as arthritis. 

The good news is they leave revived and often pain free!

Almost all chronic diseases can be reversed with a few food alterations.  

For example, loved foods like Tuna, Mayonnaise, etc. contain highly inflammatory oils such as Canola Oil,  Soybean Oil and Vegetable Oil.  So, using Tuna in water and making your own Mayo with olive oil can make this combination anti-inflammatory! 

To cure any chronic symptom we have to start removing inflammatory foods.  

And that means, we have to start with your kitchen! (Watch the kitchen video now!)

Weight loss and living a pain free life begins with removing inflammatory foods from your diet.  This alone can cause you to drop 10 pounds before you know it!  

So what's in your kitchen? In this course you will learn how to remove inflammatory foods and in turn, see immediate results in weight loss and improved health! 

What's in your gut? What's in your brain?

Did you know that you have two types of hunger hormones in your brain? Were you aware that they are turned on and off by the bacteria in your gut?  

In fact, are you aware that your weight loss is directly connected to the health of your gut? 

If your gut bacteria is compromised, it is not sending the right signals to the brain!

In this course, we identify the health of your gut and work to fix any broken communication between your brain and your gut!  And that's a game changer! 

Because it takes both your brain and gut to achieve optimal health and weight loss, the RegenerateMeNow Course provides a revolutionary approach that optimizes hormonal and neural communication!

The results?  You become metabolically adaptive - the weight starts dropping off and chronic issues -- well they go too! 

Disclaimer: We do not consult, diagnose or treat any disease. Our method is solely conducive to a lifestyle of healthy eating. Weight loss and physical results vary with each individual.  Consult with your physician for all clinical diagnoses and treatments of any physical ailment. 


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Is Your Kitchen Inflammatory

In the RegenerateMeNow Course we help you to understand what inflammatory foods are and why they cause leaky gut and auto-immune diseases! Check out this bonus video to get your started!


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