RegenerateMeNow Course Outline

Ready to level up your life?  This course outline is packed with knowledge and tools you need to crush your weight loss and health goals.  Check it out!  Remember, the RMN Course is available in both audio and video, so you can learn on the go! 


The introduction introduces you to the program, the instructor and the cool technology to make your experience available across all your devices! 

Module 1: The Psychology of Dieting

In Module 1 you learn how to recognize self sabotaging patterns of thinking as well as how friends and family sabotage your goals as well.  And as a bonus we look at how diets have really messed with us and contributed to our weight problems instead of solved them! 

Module 2: Your Gut Health

The gut is your second brain and just like your primary brain, the more you understand how it works and what it does to influence your health - the healthier you will be! 

The gut is key to weight loss and optimal health and in this module we do a deep dive into its connection between acute and chronic inflammation, disease, weight fluctuation, metabolic resistance and so much more!  

Model 3: Fat Burning

When I say fat burning, is your first thought, “exercise?”  Although exercise is one way to burn fat, the most important way is through diet. 

In fact, exercise may or may not be helping your burn fat - shocker eh?  if you crush it at the gym, only to hit Micky D’s afterward - all you hard work was in vain.  What really burns fat is food - the right food combination and cycles can put you into a fat burning state faster and more efficiently than exercise alone!  And in this module you learn exactly how to get into fat burning mode, stay there and intermittently change things up to keep the pounds falling off! 

Module 4: Intermittent Fasting

Did you know that those who implemented intermittent fasting into their lifestyle increased their metabolism by over 13%?  

Intermittent fasting is the coolest and most effective way to drop weight. It’s a unique formula that, when integrated into your fat burning protocol brings amazing results - keeping you in a fat burning state without stringent dieting.  You will learn all about it in this module from experts whose knowledge will blow you away.  

Module 5: Exercise & Your Gut Health

Did you know you that certain types of exercises can work against your gut health and actually keep you from losing weight? 

In this module we look at the best exercise routine for healing your gut and dropping those unwanted pounds! 

Each module also has worksheets and resources to help you track and journal your success!  



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